The 71st Annual ISE Meeting was planned to be held in Belgrade, Serbia. In view of the pandemic situation, ISE Executive Committee, in discussion with the Local Organisers, has decided, that the Annual Meeting will be organized as a purely online event -- ‘Belgrade Online’.

Belgrade is an important conference, cultural and business centre in the region. The University of Belgrade has a long-standing tradition of electrochemistry. Due to a high level of education in this eld the University has given significant scientific contributions to electrochemical science, associated to the “Belgrade electrochemistry school”, founded by prominent electrochemists, professors Despić and Dražić. Their successors are important Serbian and world’s scientists whose goals of achieving excellence and recognition are what the 71st ISE Meeting is striving to accomplish through its theme. We invite you to explore Belgrade and the tradition of electrochemical research online under the menu item‚ 'Meet Serbia and Belgrade‘.

The scientific program of Belgrade Online will consist of a single session Core Meeting for two days and parallel symposia, poster sessions and new formats for three days. They are supported by all ISE Divisions and will cover all topics significant to the electrochemical community.

We regret very much that a physical visit to Belgrade is not possible this year but look forward seeing you online.